The Canadian Baptist journey in mission over 150 years is a testament of partnership and mutual support. Since 1874, Canadian Baptists have worked together in God’s mission to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to a broken world. In response to His love and grace, we have sought to be a faithful presence and witness to hope and healing through word and deed.

We invite you to journey with us as we embark on the next 150 years. Here, we’ll examine each month’s inspired words with insights that will take you further into our shared Baptist identity. Through podcasts, articles, resources, and more, we’ll dive deep into what has shaped us in our mission as Canadian Baptists.

These reflections from 14 thought-leaders around the world, who have accompanied us along the journey, can be incorporated into devotions, church services, or prayer and discussions. You can share your own thoughts using our interactive tools as we Reflect Light on our past and explore all the possibilities of our future as Christ leads us.

CBM’s commitment to theological depth, moral vision, and thoughtfulness is a defining characteristic of our organization. We strive to captivate and inspire people as we incorporate this into everything we do. We seek to provide a theologically rich foundation for our efforts, particularly as we tackle issues and challenges of our modern society. As we continue on this path, we cherish the key themes that define our organization and strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.


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Milestones in Mission

Travel through the history of our collective Canadian Baptist story.


We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as we celebrate 150 years together. You can contribute to the dialogue by using #caba150 on social media as well as follow along our historic journey here at for more resources, events, and speakers.

CABA150: A Short Story

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Our partner Clark Theological College in India has joined the chorus of our special #CABA150 song, Be the Church, Sent Out!
CABA150: BCT-TOGO Partner Greeting

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When the first Canadian Baptist missionaries went forth from Canada, they took immense risks; crossing oceans and crossing mountains to bring the hope of the Good News where there was no prior Christian mission work. In Bolivia, we were part of bringing the Protestant faith to the people.

Gordon King takes us back to the beginning of Canadian Baptist mission in Bolivia when the risks were extreme, including martyrdom. The historic event sparked growth in the Bolivian church as well as spurred Canadians to serve despite the risks.

Read about out shared history of risk-taking on the CABA blog. 📲

Our partners from Sudan are Joining the Chorus! 

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Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Baptist Mission! 🌎✨| Risk-Takers

The mission of God has always depended on risk-takers. Missional risk-takers are men and women of faith who plunge their lives into hazards and potential danger with the purpose of serving God. Abraham was a risk-taker. He had left the security of his homeland without knowing where he was going. He believed that God had a mission or purpose that he was called to fulfill (Hebrews 11:8).

Aristotle scaled the virtue of courage between two vices. On one side was cowardice. On the opposite side was rashness. Faithfulness in mission attempts to avoid these vices and overcome the fears that restrain action. However, the line between risk and rashness can be hard to define. In 1994, my seminary colleague, Joao Matwawana, entered refugee camps in the Congo. He urged the Rwandan pastors to lead services of confession and repentance for the sins of the genocide. The pastors were hesitant because génocidaires ran the camps. But Joao promised the pastors: "If they kill you, I will die with you."

The New Testament bears witness to women and men of courage who were risk-takers. St. Paul wrote to the Christian community in Rome that he planned to visit them. But Rome would only be a staging point from which to take the gospel message to Spain. The mission of the church is not for the faint of heart. There is no room on the battlefield for cowards. The theme of courage is implicit in his exhortation to Timothy to be a good soldier of Christ Jesus who bears suffering in discharging his mission.

The theme of risk-taking is embedded in the famous saying of William Carey (1761-1834) as he urged British Baptists to establish an international mission movement: "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God."

I, myself, am a veteran of mission service in Bolivia. Our work was grounded in stories of risk-takers I would like to share two of them. 

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CBM has a long history of innovation. Many of the effective ministries we are involved in today have come as a result of fearlessly following where God leads. This month, Terry Smith examines CBM’s bold approach to mission even at the risk of failure. Examples include empowering nationals to lead the work with their endemic knowledge of their own cultural milieu; Casa de la Amistad (Friendship House) which ministers to children of incarcerated parents in Bolivia; training African church leaders from certificates to doctorates in theological education; and the Guardians of Hope program that supports children affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. These are just some of the many ways innovation has helped us reach the world in word and deed.

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CABA150: CEBCE Congo Partner Greeting

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Be The Church, Sent Out • CABA 150 • Celebration Video

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Join us in the discussion on what it means to be called!

Reflection questions are posted in our stories and in our 150 highlight. ✨

We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Share your reflection on the 'Called' blog at the CABA150 website:

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Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Baptist Mission! 🌎✨| Called

Join us in commemorating God's call on individuals, churches, and organizations across Canada, as well as our global partnerships.

Reflecting on my 12 years as President of Acadia Divinity College, I've learned that answering God's call often leads us beyond our comfort zones. Baptism at 16 marked my first calling, binding me to Christ's body, the Church.

Acts 13:1-3 teaches us the importance of corporate worship, discerning prayer, and fasting in hearing God's call. As we celebrate God's faithfulness over 150 years, we acknowledge both fulfilled expectations and unexpected turns. Like Paul redirected to Macedonia, God sometimes closes doors to reveal new pathways of partnership and mission.

Let's listen for God's call, uniting with local churches and global partners to fulfill His mission and pray, "May your kingdom come, and your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." 🙏🌎

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CBM Field Staff alumnus, Rev. David Nacho, takes us through what solidarity means in context with the incarnation of Christ.

He explores solidarity as a type of unity with social implications where we stand with others, as Christ did for us, particularly for those living on the margins of society.

Keep reading here:

Solidarity - CABA 150
A post from Blessing Oluloto on CABA 150 provided by: 

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Did you know that in 2024, CBM will be celebrating 150 years!!

To celebrate, we've just launched a special website that will be the home base of our year-long festivities. 

Every month, we'll be sharing thought pieces, videos, historical articles, events and much more, so make sure to keep coming back!

check it out here ➡

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New Kids Care Lessons! 📣⁠
This year’s Kids Care – Celebrating 150 Years – is a five-lesson children’s resource reflecting our 150-year legacy in Canadian Baptist mission together. Kids will explore five key concept words: Witness, Presence, Justice, Builders, and Compassion. These are a selection from the associated 150 Reflecting Light inspired words with insights that take us further into our shared Baptist identity found at⁠
The curriculum includes fun activities, crafts and games, Bible lessons, stories and fundraising suggestions that will encourage your children’s group to expand their notion of community in the world and be moved to action.
We had our first 150 celebration event on April 6th At West Point Grey Baptist Church in Vancouver!⁠
In the group alumni photo back row left to right: Dennis Shierman, Adrian Gardner, Suzanne & Robert Taylor, Janet & Dennis Kirkley, David Bonney, David Hayward, Tom Mei, David Nacho, Jennifer Lau.⁠
In the front row left to right: Janet Bonney, Suzannah Nacho, Grace Mei, Anne Swann, Shirley & David Kennedy.⁠
A huge thank you to our CBM alumni for your many years of faithful service to God's call on your life. ⁠
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Have you listened to our new song Be the Church, Sent Out? 🎶

It's a celebration of how Canadian Baptists have worked together in God’s mission to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to a broken world for 150 years!

What's your favourite lyric? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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Célébration - 150e anniversaire de CBM

Le parcours des baptistes canadiens en mission au cours des 150 dernières années est un témoignage de partenariat et de soutien mutuel. Depuis 1874, les baptistes canadiens ont travaillé ensemble dans la mission de Dieu pour apporter la Bonne Nouvelle de Jésus-Christ à un monde brisé. En réponse à son amour et à sa grâce, nous avons cherché à être une présence fidèle et un témoin de l'espoir et de la guérison par la parole et l'action.

Alors que nous célébrons les 150 ans des baptistes canadiens, nous aimerions partager les ressources disponibles en anglais sur 
Ces ressources comprennent des réflexions mensuelles, des questions de réflexion et du matériel de culte. Vous pouvez participer en commentant les réflexions et en partageant le hashtag #caba150.

Un nouveau thème sera publié le premier de chaque mois, le thème d'avril étant la "COMPASSION".

Rejoignez-nous pour célébrer 150 ans de mission baptiste canadienne.
Why does it seem that the poor are important to God? If God’s mission is to save humanity by forgiving their sin and rebellion through Jesus Christ, why is there so much in the Bible about compassion and care of the poor, the broken, and those who live in the margins of society? ⁠
Are they just ethical teachings and commands that should define society whenever possible, or is compassion fundamental to the Christian faith? Why is God so concerned about a broken world?⁠
Read more at the CABA150 blog (🔗 in bio)
Joe and Alexandra Bridi’s boys looking good in their Immanuel swag all the way in Lebanon. We’re so glad to be partners in mission with thimar.lsesd abtslebanon and Joe Bridi! canadianbaptistministries #caba150 #cbm
the Church’s presence, then, is to reach out to those who have been broken by loss. This moment in history is a great test of the Church. Will we act in the confidence of Christ’s comprehensive redemption of the world?

Read more about our presence on the CABA150 blog.