Celebrating Our Common Calling

Many books have been written about “who we are” as Canadian Baptists. Many more could be written about God’s faithfulness to us. For this celebration we have selected only 14 words to reflect our past, present and future of who we have and will always be.

We mark 1874 as the beginning of Canadian Baptists on mission together as John and Mary McLaurin were commissioned, deployed, supported and directed solely by Canadians. In the many years prior to this, Canadian Baptists participated in mission efforts largely through the American Baptist entity. This part of Baptist history is also to be honoured as we move forward with the bearers of the Faith who have gone before us over the centuries.

What makes these 150 years of mission especially significant in Canadian Baptist history is the nature of collaborative ministry from partners across the country. Each one of the logos on this page represents our shared call to bring the Gospel to a broken world in word and deed.

We are humbled by the stewardship of our Baptist family as we walk united in partnership so that all would hear and know the Good News of Jesus. This commitment to cooperation and sustainability has driven us forward and shaped our essence at CBM. We prioritize working alongside local partners and communities, both abroad and at home, ensuring that our efforts contribute to long-lasting change.

We rejoice that Canadian Baptists have always found a way to collaborate in response to the call God has given. We are united as co-labourers, celebrating the legacy we have made together and shaping the one to come.